Eraserhead, a movie with great aesthetics throughout it.

The theatrical poster for Eraserhead.

A theatrical poster made for the body horror film, Eraserhead.

The body horror film Eraserhead was directed and produced by David Lynch and was released in theaters in April of 1977. This movie by far was one of the weirdest movies that I have seen in my life, however the weirdness in the movie also gave its own sense of creativity which is why I ended up enjoying the movie at the end of it.

Lynch’s movie Eraserhead was part of the Midnight Movie Series which was a main reason why it was a successful movie. The movie originally would be shown in movie theaters at midnight to test it out with a smaller audience and to see if it got a good reaction by the audience.

The movie was kept at the midnight time and later was shown during times throughout the day. The movie has a lot of great aesthetics throughout it, which added to the suspense and horror in the film itself. Lynch used a lot of dark colors throughout the movie to add to the scary atmosphere the movie had to it, and I believe that the dark colors helped the movie be a success. In the main character Henry’s apartment a lot of black, grey, and white colors were used to show the type of character that Henry was.

Henry was a character of quietness, shyness, and had a lot of spookyness to him as well. Lynch had Henry dressed in a black suit jacket, black pants, and a white dress shirt to add to his character. His hair was also tall and looked like a flat-top or an afro.

Lynch also had a lot hallucinations throughout the movie to add to its aesthetic value, and to give the movie more suspense and thrill to it. The hallucinations involved other characters in the movie, such as Henry’s attractive neighbor, his girlfriend, and “the Lady in the Radiator”. Lynch used a lot of “sperm” inspired characters and objects in the movie which gave the movie a gross effect to it as well as weird.

Later in the movie, Henry is seen trying to take care of his new premature child who he had with his girlfriend Mary X. The child is resembled as a lizard-looking creature that is later killed by Henry due to his craziness and lack of wanting to deal with the creature anymore after he cannot sleep due to the child continuing to cry and whine.

Lynch also had a very eerie soundtrack in the movie which consisted of tunes played on an organ, and a lot of sounds created by everyday objects. The radiator in the movie had air always being compressed, a lot of wind was used outside of Henry’s window of his apartment, as well as digital computer sounds too. I feel the soundtrack expressed the type of world that Henry was shown to be living in, which added to the movie’s effects as well.

Also, a lot of camera shots were used too to make the movie look like it was meant as a SCI-FI flick of movie. There are scenes during the hallucinations where Henry’s head was floating in the air where a lot of camera shots had to be changed to show different angles of the scene. I feel that camera angles added with the eerie sounds, and the explicit objects used with the characters could have forced members of the audience to feel nautious while watching this movie.

I feel that this movie started the whole “body horror” genre and Lynch used aesthetics to his advantage for this movie, because the aesthetics were superb throughout Eraserhead and helped this movie be a good starting point for future “body horror” films to be made.

Here is an interview that I found between writers of the Soho Weekly News and director David Lynch about the movie Eraserhead and his opinion of the movie as a whole. I feel this interview gives an expert opinion of the movie and what went through Lynch’s mind when he made Eraserhead.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, and will go out and check out David Lynch’s Eraserhead, and possibly add it to your movie collection.
Thanks for reading!!


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