Fight Club, The Aesthetic Values pack a punch!

A theatrical poster made for the 1999 film "Fight Club".

A theatrical poster made for the 1999 film “Fight Club”.

For my last blog post, I decided to pick the movie 1999 “Fight Club” which was directed by David Fincher, and produced by Art Linson. The movie was based on of the 1996 novel written by Chuck Palahniuk which titled the same name as the movie. This movie starred the likes of Edward Norton who played the main character who remained nameless throughout the film. Also, this movie featured Brad Pitt who plays Tyler Durden and Helena Bonham Carter who plays Marla Singer. Norton and Pitt form Fight Club as a way for grown men to be able to have a group of their own, just like the groups that Norton’s character attends earlier in the film. Norton’s character attends meeting for many groups such as Alcoholic Anonymous, Testicular Cancer, etc.

Norton’s character has insomnia and also attends these meetings as way for himself to meet people who are suffering with their own problems. Also, I feel Norton’s character attends these meetings to have a group of people who care for him and accept him for who he really is, even though he is lying about having testicular cancer who having any other problems. Norton then meets Marla Singer who also attends these meetings as way to go somewhere and be accepted and cared for by people. He then agrees with Singer to split up the meetings they go to each week. Singer agrees to split up her meetings with Norton. While on a business trip, Norton meets Durden who admits he is a soap salesman and gives Norton his business card.

As the movie goes on, Norton’s apartment catches on fire and blows up. Later in the movie, we find out Durden commits the crime so he can make Norton his accomplice in a new phase he has in mind called “Fight Club”. Norton’s character ends up moving in with Durden in a broken down mansion looking house. Marla who has been trying to get a hold of the narrator, ends up finding out where he has been staying and asks Norton to help her. Durden answers the phone after Norton forgets to hang up on Marla, and from that point on Marla and Durden become sexually involved. Fight club begins and starts out small but as the word gets out, the club gets bigger and bigger and starts ending up in multiple cities around the U.S. The club ends up becoming the anti-materialist and anti-corporate organization called “Project Mayhem” who start committing crimes all around the U.S. Norton admits to Durden that he wants to be more involved in Project Mayhem however Durden then disappears.

As a failed mission leads to a member of the group being killed, Norton begins receiving attention that he is actually Tyler Durden. When Norton falls asleep, he realizes when he awakes that Durden has actually been in control of his body. When Norton wakes up, he finds out that Durden’s plan is to erase all debt by destroying all the major credit card companies around the U.S.  When Norton finds out where one of the buildings are that are filled with explosives, he tries to remove the explosives, however Tyler catches him and ties him up to a chair to watch the destruction from a safe building. Norton realizes that him and Durden are sharing the same body, he then shoots himself in the mouth and instantly kills Tyler.

Norton ends up with a huge bullet would in his face but uses a towel to stop the bleeding. Marla is brought to the building and the movie ends with her and Norton holding hands watching the credit card buildings blowing up and falling to the ground.

This movie may have had the best aesthetics from any of the movies I watched in class this semester. The color scheme for Project Mayhem always seemed to be dark which I feel shows the mischief that the group is up to as a whole. Also, during the many fights that take place in Fight Club, a lot of the characters are kept in the dark with one or two lights only being used to keep a dark and unseen aspect to the club. I feel that resembles the club, because the club is supposed to be kept a secret and not to be mentioned to anybody. Also, I think the camera’s were used exceptionally well throughout the fighting scenes because it shows like an old “gladiator” look to it showing who is the better fighter during the fights. I think the quick-moving camera throughout the flights and traveling that Norton’s character does is used well to show the pace of the scene and how important finding Durden was to Norton’s character.  Also, in the beginning of the movie during the credits, a brain’s neural network is shown to show what the inside of the narrator’s brain looks like with his fear impulse when it meet’s his decision-making process. Overall this movie was filmed great with its color scheme, and a lot of the camera angles and other aesthetics used made this movie even better when I saw it for the second time.

First here is an interview I found done by Interview Magazine with director David Fincher and actor Edward Norton on Fight Club as a whole and what their opinion’s on the movie were:

Second here is a video interview I found on YouTube done with Edward Norton and Brad Pitt about Fight Club and what they hoped the movie would end up being:

I hope you enjoyed this blog as this will be my final post. I hope reading my opinions on movies I have watched this semester has allowed you to check out some movies you may have never seen before, as well as look more into the aesthetics of movies rather than just the action scenes and the plot itself.

Thanks for reading this post and my blog! -LH


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